Matthew is a tall, handsome young man with a wide smile and gorgeous blue eyes. This 22 year-old comes off a little bit naive, and it's captivating. He's never done anything on video before – even at home. However, his nervousness makes him that much more charming.
He used to play football in middle school, but now, he mainly jogs to stay in shape. Matthew also likes to go clubbing, and says his favorite kind of music is techno. He's single and gets laid usually once or twice a week.
Matthew sports a chin strap beard which complements his strong chin perfectly. Being so tall, he likes girls that are smaller and blonde, and natural. He emphasized that he's not into fake breasts at all.

Marc & Trey

From Corbin Fisher:
Trey's been in a lot of hot scenes with a lot of hot guys on CF. And he usually connects with them pretty intensely. But whether it was Marc's thick cock, his muscular body or his gorgeous face, I've never seen Trey connect with a guy quite like this!
Trey kisses Marc while straddling him. He tells Marc how sensual he is. Even as the clothes start coming off, their passionate kisses continue. I don't want to spoil Trey's fun, but I start to wonder if he's going to do anything but kiss this hot stud! 


Active Duty gave us a closer look at their drop-dead gorgeous new recruit Dakota in their War Chest Update. This guy is a rascal, let me tell you. He's open-minded and got a bit of a devilish side to him. A point well proven in the first few minutes of this scene, as he talks about an "interesting" time he had with Braden, a buddy of his that was recently featured in the War Chest. Turns out, Dakota picked him up while jogging one day and was all, "so, how open-minded are you?" Braden found himself on the end of some helpful "fluffing" from Dakota.


Sean Cody wrote:
Brodie is the kind of guy you want to hang out with at a party. He’s a big, strapping construction worker by day and a drummer in a rock band at night. It turns out he's engaged to a fiancée that has no problem with him jerking off on film.
“You’re not the one that had the idea of doing this, somebody else convinced you... who was it?”
“That would be my fiancée.”
“Why does she want you to do porn?”
“It turns her on, you know. It turns me on. It doesn’t matter if I do guy-guy, guy-girl, solo, guy-couch, it doesn’t matter. So, anything will turn her on and it turns me on more than anything.”
Well, that's certainly promising!
Brodie’s body is thick, muscled and slightly hairy in all the right places. He has a boyishly handsome face, and he's very masculine in presence and demeanor.
“What’s your favorite part of your body?”
“My favorite part of my body would have to be either my bubble butt or my erected penis.”
I'd have to add perfect chest and nipples, too!
And, he's not afraid to experiment with his round hairy ass, either. He and his fiancée play with toys and he’s even had some of them in his butt!



Like your giant cocks on thin twinks? Ben is your boy! This well-hung smooth cutie may look young, but he's got the cock of a real man. In this solo video, he whips it out on the couch and gives us a one-man-show well-deserving of a standing ovation from your own tools. 

Jordan & Marko


When Jordan Foster showed up to tutor his new student Marko Lebeau, the last thing he expected to find was to see Marko step out of the bathroom freshly showered...and naked.
Luckily, neither of the two are easily offended by nudity. Actually, Jordan happens to love cock, and Marko has quite the open mind.
So instead of studying English, these two decided to study the art of the orgasm by sucking each others cocks. Not only that, but Marko bends his tutor over and gives his asshole a good disciplining before pulling out and shooting his creamy load all over his slim body.



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Eddie & Carter

Eddie Blake, one of our hot new Dudes, is back for his first action scene. The lucky guy to get fucked by Eddie is Carter Nash. Eddie is a fairly quiet guy, so Carter does everything he can to bring out Eddies inner beast - slurping down Eddies dick, licking his ass, teaching him how to suck cock, and finally offering up his ass. Eddie likes every minute of it, and he pounds away at Carters hot hole. The best part of the action is when Eddie throws carter face down onto the bed and rams his cock into Carters ass from behind, as Carter moans and begs for it harder! This is one hot orientation session!