Remember the guys from Sean Cody
Brendan is a 20-year-old guy who is going to a small-town college in the midwest.
"What are you studying?" I asked.
"I'm still on my General Ed," he replied. "I haven't decided yet."
"What do you think you'll go into eventually? What are you interested in?"
"I dunno."
I could tell he doesn't like school. He was far more interested in talking about hanging out with his friends, playing baseball, and, of course, pussy.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked.
"Yeah, we've been steady for about six months now," he said.


Justin & Chip

Justin Blakely and Chip Tanner make such a hot couple. They've both got similar frames, amazing bodies and adorable good looks. Chip has such a hot ass that Justin had to get some of it. 


Sean Cody wrote:
Campbell has a subtle charm about him. He recently decided to take some time away from studying psychology to go out and explore the world. He works full time now, which affords him the extra cash to enjoy some travel and other leisure activities he never really got to experience growing up.
He had submitted his photos via the web site and he seemed excited about doing some films, even though he mentioned that he isn’t much of an exhibitionist. He did seem to enjoy the fact that nobody knew he was here, so maybe it's the secrets he likes!
He's into sports, and snow boarding and wrestling kept him really fit through junior high and high school. Now, he spends a lot of time lifting weights at the gym. He’s always been tall and lean and his goal is to build up his already chiseled body. He's very sexy, with just the right amount of hair on his perfectly round ass and a long, impressive cock.
The one thing that Campbell loves is oral sex, both giving and receiving. He says he's somewhat of an expert, so maybe we'll get to see! 






Tommy is back for another hot jacking session at FreshmanX! Tommy starts off groping his crotch and touching his muscles, then ditches his clothes and gets busy stroking his big, hard cock! He spreads his ass wide and squeezes his buns as he shows it all off for the camera! Tommy jacks his cock while fondling his tight hole in assorted positions! He shoots off gobs of gooey Cum all across his sexy abs! 

Reese Rideout


Matt Cardle

Matt is a fit bodied straight lad from Essex, slightly shy but confident in showing off his body! He strips down a little and he has that footballer body with hair in all the right places, big strong thighs and really hairy legs! Matt was nervous at the beginning though his cheeky smile becomes more frequent as he relaxes back and enjoys showing off his perfect uncut meat; he tugs at the foreskin to begin and as soon as he pulls the foreskin back and forward a few times he has a handful of pumping cock that sticks straight up! Luckily Matt is not shy about showing his ass and what a hairy one it is! After a great show he kneels down, pumps his cock and squirts loads of cum into the hairs on his abs! Another happy straight first timer!

Ashley Ryder