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Cain & Austin

From Corbin Fisher:
Cain and Austin hang out for a little while, playing touch football and talking teams. Then, Cain takes the ball and heads for the house. Austin has no choice but to follow and see what's going to happen next.
Inside, Austin talks about graduating from school and we discuss some of the educational benefits of CFU. I've been wanting to pair him up with Cain. They are similar in several ways. Great buff bodies, aggressive attitudes and high levels of sheer sexual enjoyment!
I tell Cain to relentlessly fuck the shit out of him … but in a loving and compassionate manner, of course. The guys kiss and quickly get their clothes off. Austin sucks Cain's thick uncut cock. Cain pulls Austin's hair back and skullfucks him. He flips Austin onto his back and spits on his hole, then eats it out.