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Dunham Serviced

From Chaos Men:
Dunham seems pretty down the center on the sexuality meter, though I think he leans a bit towards the straight side, as that is the type of porn he requested to watch for his solo and Serviced video.
But having said that, this is one of the few videos where the guy is not constantly checking out the TV to keep himself going. Dunham is actually THERE in the moment. So who knows?
I think he has a dominate side to him and seems happy to have anyone suck his dick, guy or girl.


From Sean Cody:
Andres is definitely uninhibited. He has no problems getting naked in the car or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, when we were goofing off in the park I asked him (hypothetically) if he'd get naked out in the open. He didn’t even answer, he just dropped his pants!
I don't blame him because he's got a great body to show off — a bodybuilder physique, with thick meaty thighs and a tight bubble butt.
“Do you give road head?”
“Have I given or have I gotten road head?” he said. “I’ve gotten road head a lot.”
“Does your driving get a little more erratic when you get road head?”
“Oh no. It calms me down a lot,” he replied...

Brodie & Jess

Sean Cody wrote:
Brodie — our beefy stud whose fiancée convinced him to do his first film — is back. His situation is very similar to Jess’s in that guy-on-guy action really turns on their girls. So, here was a thought: Get the two handsome, open-minded, sexual guys together and see what happens.
This was Brodie’s first time with another guy, and I wanted to ease him into it, making sure all the attention was being paid to him. I wanted to be sure that his sexy body got the working over it needed and I thought that an oral workout from Jess would be a great place to start.
There was certainly some fire going on, maybe because both of them knew that what they were getting ready to do was going to get their girlfriends back home hot and bothered. Jess, who usually is the more dominant one, seemed pretty content sharing the spotlight with another hot guy who was just as dominant.
The big surprise was when Jess got naked and stroked his hard cock while servicing Brodie. That seemed to get both of them harder and more into it!
Jess was amazing with his cock sucking! You could tell by the look on Brodie’s face through the entire experience that he enjoyed every minute of it...

Reese Rideout

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Hairy Guy

Josh Stark

Josh Stark is a sexy blond from Minnesota, with a seemingly permanent smile on his face and an ability to get along with anyone in his company. Having been a champion high school wrestler, he has a nice tight bod, but his best attribute has to be his giant thick cock. We can only imagine how hot it must be to be playing with that schlong! Josh gives us a taste of it in his jack-off vid, along with every other inch of his bod. After working it up and stroking it, he kneels into the classic wrestling position - and without a singlet on that gives the perfect view of his hot little asshole. Josh flips over and busts a huge warm load of jizz all over himself up to his neck! We cannot wait to see what else Josh might have in store for us!



Callum is sitting back in the sunshine; fiddling around with the bulge in his boardies; this horny lad, a str8 PT hardly has to have a spare second in his day before he is grabbing his cock! Getting all hot and sweaty he decides to take an outdoor shower; his boardies drop to the tiles and he watch his balls as they hide away as the first few seconds of the shower are a little refreshing! Muscular and ripped bodies covered in sun lotion, doused in water look so hot and that is just how Callum feels and he plays with his very erect uncut cock. When he manages to leave it alone, he arches his back and his stiff meat pumps to the beat of his heart. This is one turned on str8 lad who is not shy about showing his ass. Some cock pumping later and Callum moaning out loud dumps a a big load over his body.

Dean & Diego



Remember the guys from Fratmen