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Preston & Travis

From Corbin fisher:
After working up a sweat sweeping and cleaning the windows, as well as the pool and driveway, Trey cools Preston off with the hose. They dry off in the sun, then Trey takes him inside … where he will be playing with a different kind of hose!
Trey tells us the funny story of how he blurted out making the Dean's List here at CF in front of a friend and the friend said, “I didn't know you were in school.” And Trey responded with, “well, not exactly...”
However, he is definitely working his way up to being one of our Student Faculty … and new freshman Preston is ready for some guidance! They joke around for a minute about “man-love,” then Trey starts kissing Preston. Preston responds eagerly, and all thoughts of his girlfriend are left in the dust.
Trey kisses his lean chest and rubs his stomach. Preston watches him, fascinated by the look and feel of another guy caressing him. They kiss again. Trey has him kiss his chest and abs. Preston hungrily kisses Trey's ripped body.