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1979: Track Meat

Leave it to classic NOVA Studios to deliver the goods with a tried and true theme:  Slightly older coach is attracted to slightly younger track star.  As evidenced by the tent in his straining athletic supporter, this runner idolizes his coach and can't hide his sexual excitement at being close around him.  Back in the locker room they find that a male-muscle rubdown can do wonders for both adult men.  Mark Kropp starred as the athlete in training and Clay Russell played his coach.  In addition to its own release in 1979, this movie loop was also included in a 1980 compilation feature called The Cruiser.  
As already mentioned, this has always been a very popular theme.  In literature, real life and smut, the classic Greek elements of athletic pursuit for personal perfection, nudity in locker rooms and sexual energy amongst men has played out for generations.  Please note that a different gay smut film by the name Track Meet was theatrically released in 1976.

Track Meat works so well because of the production values.  It features old-school style jock straps, baggy gray sweat pants, and a locker room that looks like more than a few years' worth of young men have passed through its cement block walls.  It provides a perfect setting to showcase the physique adoration by both the athlete and his coach. The action in the movie is also up to NOVA's high standards.  The viewer is treated to watching this track runner as he begs for a second fucking from coach Mark.  Interestingly, Clay was identified as Clay Hughes for the original VHS cover artwork.  

In terms of ages and physical appearances, both Clay and Mark were perfectly cast for their roles.  Track Meat also generated a high quality smut magazine. Photographs of Clay from this magazine are probably how most people surfing the Internet first discover Clay, as they remain quite popular and easy to find.