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An all-male nudist outing!

The 1960's and early 1970's saw a boom in naturism/nudity publications. Changes in postal laws that permitted greater nudity and sexual content through the mail system combined with hippies and nudity.  A subset of this genre were all-male nudist publications. "m.a.n." stood for Male Athletic Nudist. In fitting with our theme for this month, this hip and cool issue (above) is called Safari in the Sun.

What's especially interesting about this period is that many of the photos were in fact taken at nudist colonies of real people/families who were less-interested in sexuality and more involved in living nude, as they believe nature intended. Others were sometimes staged for the purpose of creating a publication.  Of course, the readers of the publications were not always nudists, and in fact many were probably unable to hold the magazine with both hands while looking at the images. While women were the obvious focus, typically males were also included in many of the photos. This makes VGMH suspect that some of these guys were buying a straight publication, courtesy of the "cover" that the girls provided, in order to enjoy looking at weenies. And they certainly had some nice ones.