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"Put me in Coach" Part Three

We end our visit to Sex Ed 101 (taking place in the animated short A Guy's Best Friend) at about the same time that it looks like Coach has finally filled himself butt-full of fresh hot sperm from every guy in his class.
It's animated images like the one above that really kick this short film up to another level of creativity.  We get to view not only the fucking of Coach in traditional smut-shot format, but we're also treated to seeing what's going on deep inside of Coach's ass.  The guys may be done with Coach, but we see that their sperm's DNA are still busy doing laps inside of Coach and still having a good time, just as the head of another guy unleashes his own team to join the pool party.
 The imaginative use of classic 1950 colors and images, including a throbbing all-beef wiener with spurting mustard, is icing on an already beautiful cake that was obviously made with great talent and care.  Thank you, creators of this classic tale about getting tail.