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From Behind

Back in 1999, a 106-page treasure for smut aficionados was published by Twin Palms Publishers.    The photos in this book are from the 1990s but the process of making a porno have not changed much in terms of the men behind the scenes required for any decent production.  If you ever get the chance to find a copy you'll be in for a special "behind the scenes" treat of how professional porn is often made.   
Making a smut movie basics:  First, there's the location or set.  Then there's the crew which includes the camera man, the lighting man, the director, and maybe one or two assistants.   Here at VGMH we've already documented and recalled stories of actors who have had their ball sacks burned by extremely hot lights when the action demands close-ups.  One vintage actor recalled someone on the set taking orders and bringing back a paper sack filled with greasy french fries and cheeseburgers, and the smell of raw onions on the man he was blowing as he kept belching.   And in eras before erection pills to guarantee a boner on demand, we've noted how models relied on a bottle of baby oil or a penis pump to get ready for their scene.
As the book Pornographic lets us know, photographer Ken Probst had been hired to photograph porn film actors for publicity pictures.  He began to photograph behind the scenes, and  in the process "[...] revealing the absurdities, pathos, and business of the pornographic film industry. These photographs, whether they portray an elaborate sexual situation or actors waiting between takes, are remarkable documents that observe the banality of manufacturing desire."

Without a doubt, some VGMH followers will be able to recognize some of the films and stars in the photos.  It looks like director John Rutherford working with Trent Reed on Falcon Studio's Billy’s Tale from 1994. And that looks like Jake Andrew and Chance Caldwell in The Abduction 2: The Conflict.  It also looks like there's Tom Katt in The Abduction 3 : The Redemption from 1993. 

Please stay tuned for part two