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Andy And Patrick

From English Lads:
Andy is the exhibitionist and Paddy is shy brother who can’t believe what his brother has got him doing! They strip down to their boxers and do some fun posing along the way they tease each other about their bodies. Andy is the big brother in both senses; he has trained hard, is 3 years older and is just loves showing off every part of his body; just check out his hole shots, pulling apart those cheeks and smiling like that, not an once of shame! His brother is slim and tall, less hung but his uncut one gets very hard and sticks straight up to the sky all shoot! Though way less keen to breach his one private part and giving just a fleeting glimpse of his very hairy hole! Half way through the shoot the lads break into fits of laughter with a weird “star wars lightsaber” moment! Anyway they are crying with laughter waving their wands around making strange noises having one of those strange darth vader moments! Back in reality and the lads are both wanking hard, Paddy shoots first and dumps a nice load on his abs; Andy though shoots another one of his massive loads all over the place including over my feet some two meters away!