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Campbell & Oscar

Sean Cody wrote:
Oscar has proven to be more than adventurous. Based on what he’s shared with me about his approach to life, and that tattoo... maybe he sees fucking a guy as a challenge. Maybe someone said to him, “No, you can’t have sex with a guy” and that just made him want to say, “Yes. I can.” Of course, getting to see that big cock of his pulling in and out of a nice hairy hole is the ultimate in fun!
“So what turns you on the most you sex-wise?” I asked Oscar.
“Umm,” he paused, “I like scratching, biting, just a little bit of pain.”
“Do you like to inflict the pain or have the pain inflicted on you?”
Campbell sat there with a huge grin, indicating that he might have been dealt more than he could handle in Oscar. But he was ready. His hairy pink hole opened up as Oscar tongue fucked him. At one point in between the deep thrusts Oscar was giving him, I noticed that his back had a few scratches on it. I’m just glad Oscar warned him to be ready for it!