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From Chaos Men:
Kent Reeves is one of those mild-mannered reporter types. Kind of "bookish" on the outside as well as in demeanor, but once you get those clothes off, (or into Spandex!) you can see how ripped the guy is-- and hung of course, making his stage names all the more appropriate.
He says he has never done anything with a dude before, but he makes a couple Freudian slips during the interview portion when describing his favorite position. It will make you and me both wonder what the guy REALLY has in his mind. He did find just the right straight porn to get him hard. He used it initially to wake his cock up, but once he was up, he was all about playing to the camera, and rarely had to rely on the pussy flick playing for him.
Kent seems interested in doing more work (Hey he already picked out a last name), but said he wouldn't suck dick, or fuck or get fucked....which leaves him very little to do actually.