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Brody & Ryan (Ryan first time)


From Corbin Fisher:
Hot muscled boxer Ryan told us he was curious about guy/guy action. Let it never be said that here at CF, we don't try to make a young, hung guy's dreams come true!
We haven't seen Brody for a while, so I put him together with Ryan and let him show him a “whole new lifestyle.” Brody looks amazing as always, so I let them get to it.
Brody kisses Ryan and he pulls Ryan's shirt off. Ryan's abs are amazing – they're like deep grooves of delicious muscle! Brody rubs them while kissing Ryan's solid pecs and his neck. Ryan helps Brody get his jeans off while they kiss passionately.
Ryan seems to be taking to guy/guy sex pretty naturally. Brody pulls Ryan's thick uncut cock out of his underwear. He strokes it, kisses his way down those remarkable abs, and then sucks on Ryan's big dick. It stiffens quickly in Brody's mouth.
Brody sucks Ryan off. Ryan isn't shy about touching Brody – rubbing his back and head as he gets blown. I figured Ryan for an adventurous guy. Now that he's got the chance to be with another dude, he's making the most of it. And so is his cock! It's fully hard. Brody deepthroats it as Ryan tells him to suck his dick.