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From Corbin Fisher:
Ryan has a luscious body and cock. His pecs, shoulders, biceps and legs are muscular and thick. His cock is pretty thick as well. He was a Golden Gloves boxer for two years until injuries forced him out of the ring and into the CF ring!
He also has gorgeous green eyes and a slow, deliberate manner of speaking. Ryan's polite, but once he gets started talking about sex or starts playing with himself, he doesn't let politeness get in the way of his passion.
Ryan told us that while he is into girls, he has definitely been curious about guys! He hasn't acted on that curiosity yet, and he's never talked with a guy about doing anything. But he says for him it's all about “sexual attraction.” I'm pretty sure we can find someone at CF to spark some attraction with him!
He first had sex at 14, and laughs when he tells us he was “lost” and had no idea what he was doing. Ryan's cute face and laid back attitude are charming as he talks. I get a little lost myself watching him as he discusses what he likes.